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鑺傝兘 jie2 neng2/(v) conserve energy/(adj) energy-saving//conservar energia/Ver traducc
鑺傚簡 jie2 qing4/festival//festival/Ver traducci贸n
鎴劧 jie2 ran2/completely/sharply (differing)/ Ver traducci贸n
鑺傛棩 jie2 ri4/holiday/festival/ Ver traducci贸n
缁撶ぞ鑷敱 jie2 she4 zi4 you2/(constitutional) freedom of association/ Ver traducci贸n
鑺傜渷 jie2 sheng3/saving/ Ver traducci贸n
缁撴潫 jie2 shu4/termination/to finish/to end/to conclude/to close/ Ver traducci贸n
缁撶畻 jie2 suan4/(v) settle up the bill; close an account/ Ver traducci贸n
鑺傚鐢熸灊 jie2 wai4 sheng1 zhi1/new problems complicate an issue/deliberately create such problems/ Ver traducci贸n
缁撳熬 jie2 wei3/ending/wind up/coda/ Ver traducci贸n
鑺傝偛 jie2 yu4/(n) birth control/ Ver traducci贸n
鑺傜害 jie2 yue1/frugal/save/ Ver traducci贸n
缁撳笎 jie2 zhang4/to settle accounts/ Ver traducci贸n
鎴 jie2 zhi3/(v) close; stop/cut-off point/stopping point/deadline/ Ver traducci贸n
鑺傚埗 jie2 zhi4/temperance/ Ver traducci贸n
鎴嚦 jie2 zhi4/up to (a time)/by (a time)/ Ver traducci贸n
鑺傚 jie2 zou4/(n) musical rhythm/(n) cadence; tempo/ Ver traducci贸n
鏉颁綔 jie2 zuo4/(n) masterpiece/ Ver traducci贸n
jie3/older sister/ Ver traducci贸n
jie3/to separate/to divide/to break up/to loosen/to explain/to untie/to emancipate/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙i櫎 jie3 chu2/remove/relieve (someone of their duties)/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙g瓟 jie3 da2/answer/explanation/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙h皟 jie3 diao4/to demodulate/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙e喕 jie3 dong4/thaw/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙f斁 jie3 fang4/liberation/to liberate/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙f斁鍐 jie3 fang4 jun1/People's Liberation Army (i.e. the Chinese army)/ Ver traducci贸n
濮愬か jie3 fu5/(informal) older sister's husband/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙i泧 jie3 gu4/to fire/to sack/to dismiss/ Ver traducci贸n
濮愬 jie3 jie5/older sister/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙e喅 jie3 jue2/to settle (a dispute)/resolve/to resolve/to solve/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙e紑 jie3 kai1/to untie/to undo/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙f复 jie3 ke3/quench/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙g爜 jie3 ma3/to decode/to decipher/ Ver traducci贸n
濮愬 jie3 mei4/sisters/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙e墫 jie3 pou1/dissect/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙e墫瀛 jie3 pou3 xue2/anatomy/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙f暎 jie3 san4/dissolve/disband/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙i噴 jie3 shi4/explanation/to explain/to interpret/to resolve/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙i噴鎵ц jie3 shi4 zhi2 xing2/interpreted (computer)/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙h劚 jie3 tuo1/relief/free oneself/liberate/emancipate/be free/be relieved/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙f瀽 jie3 xi1/to analyze/to resolve/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙e帇缂 jie3 ya1 suo1/to decompress/decompression (esp. computer)/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/introduce/lie between/between/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/swear off/warn against/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/arrive at (place or time)/period/to become due/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/mustard/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/circles (i.e. a group of people)/boundary/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/scabies/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/to lend/to borrow/excuse/pretext/by means of/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/transport under guard/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/commandment/prohibit/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/by means of/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/great/good/middleman/servant/ Ver traducci贸n
jie4/horned toad/ Ver traducci贸n
鎴掑妫弗 jie4 bei4 sen1 yan2/heavily-guarded/ Ver traducci贸n
鐣屾爣 jie4 biao1/landmark/ Ver traducci贸n
鍊熷嚭 jie4 chu1/lend/ Ver traducci贸n
浠嬭瘝 jie4 ci2/preposition/ Ver traducci贸n
鍊熼壌 jie4 jian4/(v) utilize others work; use as a source of reference/ Ver traducci贸n
鍊熷彛 jie4 kou3/excuse/pretext/ Ver traducci贸n
鍊熸 jie4 kuan3/loan/ Ver traducci贸n
鎴掑緥 jie4 lu:4/commandment/ Ver traducci贸n
浠嬮潰 jie4 mian4/interface/ Ver traducci贸n
鐣岄潰 jie4 mian4/interface/ Ver traducci贸n
璇懡 jie4 ming4/commandment/ Ver traducci贸n
鑺ユ湯 jie4 mo5/mustard/ Ver traducci贸n
浠嬪叆 jie4 ru4/intervene/get involved/ Ver traducci贸n
浠嬬粛 jie4 shao4/to present/introduction/to introduce/ Ver traducci贸n
鍊熶功鍗 jie4 shu1 dan1/book slip/ Ver traducci贸n
浠嬬郴璇 jie4 xi4 ci2/preposition/ Ver traducci贸n
鐣岄檺 jie4 xian4/boundary/marginal/ Ver traducci贸n
鐣岀嚎 jie4 xian4/limits/bounds/dividing line/ Ver traducci贸n
鎴掍弗 jie4 yan2/(v) enforce a restriction; rope off an area/ Ver traducci贸n
鍊熷 jie4 zhai4/owe/ Ver traducci贸n
浠嬭川 jie4 zhi4/medium/media/ Ver traducci贸n
浠嬭川璁块棶鎺у埗 jie4 zhi4 fang3 wen4 kong4 zhi4/Medium Access Control/MAC/ Ver traducci贸n
浠嬭川璁块棶鎺у埗灞 jie4 zhi4 fang3 wen4 kong4 zhi4 ceng2/MAC layer/ Ver traducci贸n
鎴掓寚 jie4 zhi5/(finger) ring/ Ver traducci贸n
鍊熷姪 jie4 zhu4/to get help from/ Ver traducci贸n
鎴掑瓙 jie4 zi5/ring/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/towel/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/today/modern/present/current/this/now/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/catty/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/metal/money/gold/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/Tianjin/ferry/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/boast/esteem/sympathize/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/muscle/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/endure/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/overlapping part of Chinese gown/ Ver traducci贸n
jin1/overlapping part of Chinese gown/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戣竟 jin1 bian1/Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia)/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦挼 jin1 bo1/(gold) alms bowl (of a Buddhist monk)/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婃櫒 jin1 chen2/this morning/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝ぇ涓 jin1 da4 zhong1/Kim Dae Jung (newly elected president of Korea)/ Ver traducci贸n
瑗熷紵 jin1 di4/husband of wife's younger sister/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦 jin1 e2/(n) money amount; monetary value/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝彂 jin1 fa3/blond/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝厜闂儊 jin1 guang1 shan3 shuo4/spangle/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婂悗 jin1 hou4/hereafter/from now on/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婂悗 jin1 hou4/henceforth/in the future/from now on/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戜箮鍚屾 jin1 hu5 tong2 bu4/plesiochronous/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戜箮鍚屾鏁颁綅闃跺眰 jin1 hu5 tong2 bu4 shu4 wei4 jie1 ceng2/plesiochronous digital hierarchy/PDH/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦粍 jin1 huang2/golden yellow/golden/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝尃 jin1 jiang4/goldsmith/ Ver traducci贸n
娲ユ触鏈夊懗 jin1 jin1 you3 wei4/(saying) with gusto; eagerly; with great interest/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戞 jin1 ju2/kumquat/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦噷濂 jin1 li3 qi2/(Newt) Gingrich/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦櫟澶у jin1 ling2 da4 xue2/University of Nanking/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婂勾 jin1 nian2/this year/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戠墝 jin1 pai2/gold medal/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦挶 jin1 qian2/(n) money; currency/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婃棩 jin1 ri4/today/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戞棩鎴 jin1 ri4 cheng2/Kim Il Sung (former North Korean leader)/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戣瀺 jin1 rong2/banking/finance/financial/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戣瀺椋庢尝 jin1 rong2 feng1 bo1/financial crisis/banking crisis/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戣瀺鏀归潻 jin1 rong2 gai3 ge2/financial reform/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戣瀺甯傚満 jin1 rong2 shi4 chang2/financial market/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戣瀺鍗辨満 jin1 rong2 wei1 ji1/financial crisis/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戣瀺绯荤粺 jin1 rong2 xi4 tong3/financial system/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戣壊 jin1 se4/golden/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝北瀵 jin1 shan1 si4/Jinshan Temple, where Fahai lives (from Madam White Snake)/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婄敓 jin1 sheng1/this life/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婁笘 jin1 shi4/this life/this age/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝睘 jin1 shu3/metal/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝睘鏉 jin1 shu3 ban3/metal plate/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝睘钖勭墖 jin1 shu3 bo2 pian4/foil/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝睘绾 jin1 shu3 xian4/metal wire/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戜笣闆 jin1 si1 que4/canary/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婂ぉ jin1 tian1/today/at the present/now/ Ver traducci贸n
娲ヨ创 jin1 tie1/allowance/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婃櫄 jin1 wan3/tonight/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婃様 jin1 xi1/past and present/yesterday and today/ Ver traducci贸n
瑗熷厔 jin1 xiong1/husband of wife's older sister/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婅瘧 jin1 yi4/modern language version/modern translation/contemporary translation/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婇煶 jin1 yin1/modern (i.e. not ancient) pronunciation of a Chinese character/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦摱鑺 jin1 yin2 hua1/honeysuckle/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦摱鍧 jin1 yin2 kuai4/bullion/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戞案鍗 jin1 yong3 nan2/Kim Yong Nam (North Korean Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister)/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戦奔 jin1 yu2/goldfish/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婃湞 jin1 zhao1/at the present/now/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戞鏃 jin1 zheng4 ri4/Kim Jong Il (North Korean leader)/ Ver traducci贸n
閲戝瓧濉 jin1 zi4 ta3/pyramid/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/barely/only/merely/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/tight/nervous/strict/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/brilliancy (of gems)/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/to the utmost/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/brocade/embroidered work/bright/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/cautious/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/nuptial wine cup/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/careful/hut/ Ver traducci贸n
jin3/Hibiscus syriacus/transient/ Ver traducci贸n
绱ф姳 jin3 bao4/hug/ Ver traducci贸n
閿︽爣 jin3 biao1/prize/trophy/title/ Ver traducci贸n
閿︽爣璧 jin3 biao1 sai4/championship contest/championships/ Ver traducci贸n
浠呮浜 jin3 ci4 yu2/second only to.../(in second place) preceded only by.../ Ver traducci贸n
閿︾紟 jin3 duan4/brocade/ Ver traducci贸n
灏界 jin3 guan3/despite/although/even though/in spite of/ Ver traducci贸n
閿﹂浮 jin3 ji1/golden pheasant/ Ver traducci贸n
绱ф jin3 ji2/urgent/ Ver traducci贸n
绱фヤ簨浠 jin3 ji2 shi4 jian4/emergency/ Ver traducci贸n
浠呬粎 jin3 jin3/barely/only/merely/only (this and nothing more)/ Ver traducci贸n
绱х揣 jin3 jin3/closely/tightly/ Ver traducci贸n
灏藉揩 jin3 kuai4/as quickly as possible/ Ver traducci贸n
灏介噺 jin3 liang4/as much as possible/to the greatest extent/ Ver traducci贸n
绱у瘑 jin3 mi4/inseparably close/ Ver traducci贸n
绱ц揩 jin3 po4/pressing/urgent/ Ver traducci贸n
绱т繌 jin3 qiao4/(merchandise) in high demand/ Ver traducci贸n
璋ㄦ厧 jin3 shen4/cautious/prudent/ Ver traducci贸n
绱х缉 jin3 suo1/reduce/tighten/cut back (budget, etc)/ Ver traducci贸n
閿︾唬 jin3 xiu4/beautiful/ Ver traducci贸n
灏芥棭 jin3 zao3/as early as possible/ Ver traducci贸n
绱у紶 jin3 zhang1/critical/tension/nervous/intense/strained/tense/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/near/close (to)/approximately/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/strength/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/name of a dynasty/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/immerse/soak/steep/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/advance/enter/to come in/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/to prohibit/to forbid/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/to use up/to exhaust/to end/to finish/to the utmost/exhausted/finished/to the limit (of sth)/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/unable to speak/silent/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/red silk/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/ashes/embers/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/wife of mother's brother/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/(surname)/martingale/stingy/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/Arthraxon ciliare/loyal/ Ver traducci贸n
jin4/farewell presents/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涙 jin4 bu4/progress/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涚▼ jin4 cheng2/process/course/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘嚭鍙 jin4 chu1 kou3/import and export/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戜唬 jin4 dai4/modern times/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘害 jin4 du4/(n) degree of advancment; speed; tempo/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涜 jin4 er2/and then (what follows next)/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涙敾 jin4 gong1/attack (militarily)/ Ver traducci贸n
绂佹灉 jin4 guo3/forbidden fruit/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戜箮 jin4 hu5/close to/intimate/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘寲 jin4 hua4/evolution/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘寲璁 jin4 hua4 lun4/the theory of evolution (Darwin's)/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戦儕 jin4 jiao1/suburbs/outskirts/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涙帴 jin4 jie1/access/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涙帴鏈嶅姟 jin4 jie1 fu2 wu4/access server/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘啗 jin4 jun1/match/advance/ Ver traducci贸n
灏藉彲鑳 jin4 ke3 neng2/as far as possible/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘彛 jin4 kou3/import/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戞潵 jin4 lai2/recently/lately/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涙潵 jin4 lai2/(v) come in/ Ver traducci贸n
灏藉姏 jin4 li4/do one's best (effort)/strive as much as possible/ Ver traducci贸n
绂佷护 jin4 ling4/prohibition/ban/ Ver traducci贸n
娴告病 jin4 mo4/immersion/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戝勾 jin4 nian2/recent year(s)/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戝勾鏉 jin4 nian2 lai2/for the past few years/ Ver traducci贸n
绂佸搧 jin4 pin3/contraband goods/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戞湡 jin4 qi1/(n) in the near future; soon/ Ver traducci贸n
绂佸尯 jin4 qu1/(n) restricted area; forbidden region/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘彇 jin4 qu3/(v) forge ahead; go forward/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘幓 jin4 qu4/(v) go in/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戞棩 jin4 ri4/in the past few days/recently/in the last few days/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘叆 jin4 ru4/to enter/to join/to go into/ Ver traducci贸n
鏅嬪崌 jin4 sheng1/(v) promote to a higher position/ Ver traducci贸n
绂侀 jin4 shi2/fast (not eat)/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戣 jin4 shi4/shortsighted/myopia/ Ver traducci贸n
杩戜技 jin4 si4/(v) about the same as; is similar to/ Ver traducci贸n
鍔插ご jin4 tou2/(n) eagerness; enthusiasm/ Ver traducci贸n
娴搁 jin4 tou4/soak/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涢涓ら毦 jin4 tui4 liang3 nan2/dilemma/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涜 jin4 xi2/raid/carry out a raid/invade/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涜 jin4 xing2/to advance/to conduct/underway/in progress/to do/to carry out/to carry on/to conduct/to execute/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涜缂栫▼ jin4 xing2 bian1 cheng2/executable program/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涜璋冩煡 jin4 xing2 diao4 cha2/to carry out an investigation/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涜浜ゆ槗 jin4 xing2 jiao1 yi4/to carry out a transaction/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涜閫氫俊 jin4 xing2 tong1 xin4/to communicate/to carry out communications/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涜鎬т氦 jin4 xing2 xing4 jiao1/to have sex/to have sexual intercourse/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涗慨 jin4 xiu1/advanced studies/additional studies/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涗竴姝 jin4 yi1 bu4/(one step) further/to move forward a single step/further (onwards)/ Ver traducci贸n
娴镐竴涓 jin4 yi1 xia4/dip/ Ver traducci贸n
杩涘睍 jin4 zhan3/to make headway/to make progress/ Ver traducci贸n
绂佹 jin4 zhi3/to prohibit/ Ver traducci贸n
绂佹鏍告鍣ㄨ瘯楠屾潯绾 jin4 zhi3 he2 wu3 qi4 shi4 yan4 tiao2 yue1/nuclear test ban treaty/ Ver traducci贸n
濡楀瓙 jin4 zi5/(informal) mother's brother's wife; maternal uncle's wife/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/capital/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/name of a river/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/(surname)/thorns/brambles/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/banner/make manifest/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/stalk/stem/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/crystal/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/flower of leek/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/eye/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/classics/sacred book/pass through/to undergo/scripture/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/to be fearful/apprehensive/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/energy/perfect/excellent/refined/very/proficient/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/whale/ Ver traducci贸n
jing1/to start/to be frightened/to be scared/alarm/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧僵 jing1 cai3/brilliant/splendid/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忓父 jing1 chang2/everyday/day-to-day/frequently/regularly/ Ver traducci贸n
绮炬墦缁嗙畻 jing1 da3 xi4 suan4/(saying) meticulous planning and careful accounting/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忓吀 jing1 dian3/classics/scriptures/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婂姩 jing1 dong4/alarm/alert/disturb/ Ver traducci贸n
浜兘 jing1 du1/Kyoto (Japan)/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忓害 jing1 du4/longitude/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婃剷 jing1 e4/astonishment/astound/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忚垂 jing1 fei4/funds/expenditure/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧共 jing1 gan4/crack (troops)/special (forces)/highly capable/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忕 jing1 guan3/be in charge of/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忚繃 jing1 guo4/to pass/to go through/process/course/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婇獓 jing1 hai4/fright/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧崕 jing1 hua2/(n) best feature; most important part of an object/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婃厡 jing1 huang1/panic/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹 jing1 ji4/economy/economic/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹瀹夊叏 jing1 ji4 an1 quan2/economic security/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹鍙戝睍 jing1 ji4 fa1 zhan3/economic development/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹鏀归潻 jing1 ji4 gai3 ge2/economic reform/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹鍔涢噺 jing1 ji4 li4 liang5/economic strength/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹鍓嶉 jing1 ji4 qian2 tu2/economic future/economic outlook/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忕邯浜 jing1 ji4 ren2/broker/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹琛伴 jing1 ji4 shuai1 tui4/(economic) recession/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹浣撳埗 jing1 ji4 ti3 zhi4/economic system/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹鍗辨満 jing1 ji4 wei1 ji1/economic crisis/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹瀛 jing1 ji4 xue2/economics (as a field of study)/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹瀛﹀ jing1 ji4 xue2 jia1/economist/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹瀛﹁ jing1 ji4 xue2 zhe3/economist/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹鏈夋晥 jing1 ji4 you3 xiao4/cost-effective/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔祹鍒跺害 jing1 ji4 zhi4 du4/economy/ Ver traducci贸n
绮剧畝 jing1 jian3/to simplify/to reduce/ Ver traducci贸n
绮剧畝寮鏀 jing1 jian3 kai1 zhi1/to reduce spending/to cut spending/ Ver traducci贸n
鍏㈠參涓氫笟 jing1 jing1 ye4 ye4/(adv) cautiously but forcefully/ Ver traducci贸n
浜墽 jing1 ju4/Beijing opera/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婃亹 jing1 kong3/appall/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忕悊 jing1 li3/manager/director/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忓巻 jing1 li4/experience/go through/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧姏 jing1 li4/energy/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧姏鍏呮矝 jing1 li4 chong1 pei4/vigorous/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忛檰璺 jing1 lu4 lu4/overland/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忚锤 jing1 mao4/trade/ Ver traducci贸n
绮剧編 jing1 mei3/delicate/fine/refinement/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧瘑 jing1 mi4/accuracy/exact/ Ver traducci贸n
绮炬槑 jing1 ming2/astute/skilled/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婂 jing1 qi2/amaze/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧阀 jing1 qiao3/elaborate/ Ver traducci贸n
绮剧‘ jing1 que4/accurate/precise/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婁汉 jing1 ren2/astonishing/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忓晢 jing1 shang1/(v) to be in business; do commerce/ Ver traducci贸n
绮剧 jing1 shen2/vigor/vitality/drive/spiritual/ Ver traducci贸n
绮剧閿欎贡 jing1 shen2 cuo4 luan4/insanity/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忓彈 jing1 shou4/(v) endure through; withstand/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婃稕楠囨氮 jing1 tao1 hai4 lang4/perilous situation/ Ver traducci贸n
绮鹃 jing1 tong1/proficient/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忔枃 jing1 wen2/scripture/scriptures/ Ver traducci贸n
浜垙 jing1 xi4/Beijing Opera/ Ver traducci贸n
绮剧粏 jing1 xi4/fine/meticulous/careful/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婂悡 jing1 xia4/horrify/terrify/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忛攢 jing1 xiao1/to sell/to distribute/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧績 jing1 xin1/(adv) with utmost care; meticulously/(adv) detailed; meticulous/ Ver traducci贸n
绮鹃 jing1 xuan4/chosen/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婅 jing1 ya4/confound/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忛獙 jing1 yan4/to experience/experience/ Ver traducci贸n
绮炬恫 jing1 ye4/semen/ Ver traducci贸n
鎯婂紓 jing1 yi4/amazement/ Ver traducci贸n
绮剧泭姹傜簿 jing1 yi4 qiu2 jing1/(saying) improving and wanting to improve even more/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忚惀 jing1 ying2/engage in (a business activity, etc.)/run/operate/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忚惀璐圭敤 jing1 ying2 fei4 yong4/business cost/business expense/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忚惀绠$悊鍜岀淮鎶 jing1 ying2 guan3 li3 he2 wei2 hu4/Operations Administration and Maintenance/OAM/ Ver traducci贸n
缁忕敱 jing1 you2/via/ Ver traducci贸n
椴搁奔 jing1 yu2/whale/ Ver traducci贸n
绮捐嚧 jing1 zhi4/delicacy/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧埗 jing1 zhi4/refined/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧瓙 jing1 zi3/sperm/ Ver traducci贸n
绮惧瓙瀵嗗害 jing1 zi3 mi4 du4/sperm count/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/warn/well/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/hole/pitfall/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/bright/circumstance/scenery/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/awaken/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/neck/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/neck/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/to alert/to warn/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/cut the throat/ Ver traducci贸n
jing3/warn/admonish/ Ver traducci贸n
璀︽姤 jing3 bao4/(fire) alarm/alert signal/alarm/alert/warning/ Ver traducci贸n
璀︽姤鍣 jing3 bao4 qi4/siren/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹀ jing3 bei4/guard/garrison/ Ver traducci贸n
棰堥儴 jing3 bu4/the neck area of the body/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹀療 jing3 cha2/police/policeman/policewoman/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹀療灞 jing3 cha2 ju2/police department/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹁溅 jing3 che1/police vehicle/ Ver traducci贸n
鏅痉闀 jing3 de2 zhen4/Jing De Zhen (a Chinese city in Jiang Xi 靿 province)/ Ver traducci贸n
璀︾瑳 jing3 di2/siren/ Ver traducci贸n
璀︽柟 jing3 fang1/police/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹀憡 jing3 gao4/to warn/to admonish/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹀畼 jing3 guan1/constable/sergeant/ Ver traducci贸n
璀︽垝 jing3 jie4/to warn/to be alert for/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹀彞 jing3 ju4/aphorism/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹁ jing3 jue2/vigilance/ Ver traducci贸n
鏅皵 jing3 qi4/prosperity/(economic) boom/ Ver traducci贸n
璀︾姮 jing3 quan3/police dog/ Ver traducci贸n
鏅壊 jing3 se4/scenery/scene/landscape/view/ Ver traducci贸n
鏅北鍏洯 jing3 shan1 gong1 yuan2/name of a park in Beijing/ Ver traducci贸n
璀︽儠 jing3 ti4/vigilant/alert/on guard/to raise one's guard/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹀崼 jing3 wei4/(security) guard/ Ver traducci贸n
鏅墿 jing3 wu4/scenery/ Ver traducci贸n
鏅薄 jing3 xiang4/scene/sight (to behold)/ Ver traducci贸n
棰堥」 jing3 xiang4/neck/ Ver traducci贸n
璀﹂挓 jing3 zhong1/alarm bell/ Ver traducci贸n
棰堟 jing3 zhui1/cervical vertebra/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/stalwart/sturdy/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/path/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/clean/completely/only/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/way/path/direct/diameter/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/unexpectedly/actually/to go so far as to/indeed/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/spasm/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/to respect/to venerate/to salute/to offer/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/pacify/quiet/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/border/place/condition/boundary/circumstances/territory/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/still/calm/quiet/not moving/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/mirror/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/to compete/to contend/to struggle/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/clean/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/lower part of leg/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/an animal which eats its mother/ Ver traducci贸n
jing4/make up (face)/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁埍 jing4 ai4/respect and love/ Ver traducci贸n
澧冨湴 jing4 di4/circumstances/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁岃繙涔 jing4 er2 yuan3 zhi1/(saying) to show respect from a distance/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁湇 jing4 fu2/admire/ Ver traducci贸n
鍑鍖 jing4 hua4/purify/ Ver traducci贸n
杩宠抗 jing4 ji1/track/ Ver traducci贸n
绔炴妧 jing4 ji4/tournament/ Ver traducci贸n
绔炴妧鍦 jing4 ji4 chang3/arena/ Ver traducci贸n
澧冪晫 jing4 jie4/boundary/state/realm/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁厭 jing4 jiu3/propose a toast/toast/ Ver traducci贸n
澧冨喌 jing4 kuang4/circumstances/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁ぜ jing4 li3/salute/ Ver traducci贸n
杩虫祦 jing4 liu2/runoff/ Ver traducci贸n
闈欒剦 jing4 mai4/vein/ Ver traducci贸n
闈欒剦鍚告瘨 jing4 mai4 xi1 du2/intravenous drug/IV drug/ Ver traducci贸n
澧冨唴 jing4 nei4/within (a country's) borders/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁惎 jing4 qi3/respectful closing to a letter/ Ver traducci贸n
闈欐倓鎮 jing4 qiao1 qiao1/(adj) extremely quiet/ Ver traducci贸n
绔熺劧 jing4 ran2/unexpectedly/ Ver traducci贸n
杩宠禌 jing4 sai4/track/ Ver traducci贸n
绔炶禌 jing4 sai4/race/ Ver traducci贸n
绔炶禌鑰 jing4 sai4 zhe5/player/ Ver traducci贸n
闈欏北 jing4 shan1/Cheng San (electoral constituency in Singapore)/ Ver traducci贸n
杩冲涵 jing4 ting2/very different/ Ver traducci贸n
闀滃ご jing4 tou2/camera shot (in a movie, etc)/scene/ Ver traducci贸n
澧冨 jing4 wai4/outside (a country's) borders/ Ver traducci贸n
杩冲悜 jing4 xiang4/radial/ Ver traducci贸n
绔為 jing4 xuan3/run for (electoral) office/ Ver traducci贸n
绔為夋椿鍔 jing4 xuan3 huo2 dong4/campaign/ Ver traducci贸n
澧冮亣 jing4 yu4/circumstance/ Ver traducci贸n
绔炰簤 jing4 zheng1/to compete/competition/ Ver traducci贸n
绔炰簤浜у搧 jing4 zheng1 chan3 pin3/competitive product/competitor's product/ Ver traducci贸n
绔炰簤鍔 jing4 zheng1 li4/competitive strength/ Ver traducci贸n
绔炰簤鑰 jing4 zheng1 zhe3/competitor/ Ver traducci贸n
鍑鍊 jing4 zhi2/net/ Ver traducci贸n
杩崇洿 jing4 zhi2/straight/direct/ Ver traducci贸n
闈欐 jing4 zhi3/still/stillness/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁噸 jing4 zhong4/to respect deeply/to revere/to esteem/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁 jing4 zhu4/to respectfully offer (written at the end of letter from someone of lower status to higher status)/ Ver traducci贸n
杩宠嚜 jing4 zi4/on one's own/without consulting others/ Ver traducci贸n
闀滃瓙 jing4 zi5/mirror/ Ver traducci贸n
浠婂効 jinr1/today/ Ver traducci贸n
jiong1/shut/ Ver traducci贸n
jiong3/bright/clear/ Ver traducci贸n
jiong3/distant/ Ver traducci贸n
jiong3/distressed/embarrassed/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu1/after all/to investigate/to study carefully/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu1/gather together/to investigate/to entangle/correct/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu1/to clutch/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu1/turtle-dove/Turtur orientalis/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu1/(draw) lots/lot (in a game of chance)/ Ver traducci贸n
绌跺姙 jiu1 ban4/to investigate and deal with/ Ver traducci贸n
绾犲療 jiu1 cha2/to picket/ Ver traducci贸n
绾犵紶 jiu1 chan2/be entangled/be worried by/to worry/to get entangled in sth/ Ver traducci贸n
绾犵悍 jiu1 fen1/dispute/issue/to dispute/ Ver traducci贸n
绾犺憶 jiu1 ge2/entanglement/dispute/ Ver traducci贸n
绾犻泦 jiu1 ji2/to gather together/to muster/ Ver traducci贸n
绌剁珶 jiu1 jing4/after all (when all is said and done)/actually/outcome/result/ Ver traducci贸n
绾犲亸 jiu1 pian1/to correct an error/ Ver traducci贸n
绾犳 jiu1 zheng4/to correct/to make right/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu3/nine/9/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu3/(long) time/(long) duration of time/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu3/cauterize/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu3/(black stone)/nine (fraud-proof)/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu3/leek/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu3/wine/liquor/spirits/ Ver traducci贸n
閰掑簵 jiu3 dian4/wine shop/pub (public house)/ Ver traducci贸n
閰掗 jiu3 gui3/drunkard/ Ver traducci贸n
閰掍細 jiu3 hui4/(n) cocktail party/ Ver traducci贸n
閰掔簿 jiu3 jing1/alcohol/ Ver traducci贸n
閰掔簿楗枡 jiu3 jing1 yin3 liao4/liquor/ Ver traducci贸n
閰掑粖 jiu3 lang2/bar/ Ver traducci贸n
涔濅竷骞 jiu3 qi1 nian2/'97/the year 1997/ Ver traducci贸n
涔濆崄 jiu3 shi2/ninety/ Ver traducci贸n
涔呰繚 jiu3 wei2/(haven't done sth) for a long time/ Ver traducci贸n
閰掔獫 jiu3 wo1/dimple/ Ver traducci贸n
涔呰繙 jiu3 yuan3/old/ancient/far away/ Ver traducci贸n
涔濇湀 jiu3 yue4/ninth month/September/ Ver traducci贸n
涔濇湀浠 jiu3 yue4 fen4/September/ninth month/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/mortar/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/blame/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/chronic disease/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/bier/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/to save/to assist/to rescue/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/at once/then/right away/only/(emphasis)/to approach/to move towards/to undertake/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/a stable/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/maternal uncle/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/old (opposite of new)/former/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/hire/to rent/ Ver traducci贸n
jiu4/black eagle/condor/cruel/ Ver traducci贸n
鏃х増 jiu4 ban3/old version/ Ver traducci贸n
灏遍 jiu4 can1/(v) eat a meal/ Ver traducci贸n
灏辨 jiu4 ci3/and thus/thereupon/ Ver traducci贸n
灏卞湴 jiu4 di4/(adv) local; nearby/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戞仼 jiu4 en1/salvation/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戞仼璁″垝 jiu4 en1 ji4 hua4/plan of salvation/ Ver traducci贸n
鑸呯埗 jiu4 fu4/mother's brother; maternal uncle/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戞姢杞 jiu4 hu4 che1/ambulance/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戞祹 jiu4 ji4/(v) help out in a disaster with cash or goods; relieve/ Ver traducci贸n
灏辫繎 jiu4 jin4/(adv) nearby/ Ver traducci贸n
鑸呰垍 jiu4 jiu4/(n) maternal uncle/ Ver traducci贸n
鑸呰垍 jiu4 jiu5/(informal) mother's brother; maternal uncle/ Ver traducci贸n
鑸呮瘝 jiu4 mu3/mother's brother's wife; maternal uncle's wife/ Ver traducci贸n
灏卞瘽鏃堕棿 jiu4 qin3 shi2 jian1/bedtime/ Ver traducci贸n
灏变换 jiu4 ren4/take office/assume a post/ Ver traducci贸n
鑸呭珎 jiu4 sao3/wife's brother's wife, sister-in-law/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戜笘 jiu4 shi4/salvation/ Ver traducci贸n
灏辨槸 jiu4 shi4/(emphasizes that something is precisely or exactly what is stated)/precisely/exactly/even/if/just like/in the same way as/ Ver traducci贸n
灏辨槸璇 jiu4 shi4 shuo1/in other words/that is/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戣祹涓 jiu4 shu2 zhu3/Redeemer/ Ver traducci贸n
灏辩畻 jiu4 suan4/(conj) given that.../ Ver traducci贸n
灏辩华 jiu4 xu4/ready/in order/ Ver traducci贸n
灏变笟 jiu4 ye4/get a job/start a career/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戞彺 jiu4 yuan2/to save/to support/to help/to assist/ Ver traducci贸n
鏃х害鍏ㄤ功 jiu4 yue1 quan2 shu1/Old Testament/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戠伨 jiu4 zai1/(v) help people in a disaster area/ Ver traducci贸n
灏辫亴 jiu4 zhi2/take office/assume a post/ Ver traducci贸n
鏁戜富 jiu4 zhu3/Savior/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/vehicle on land/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/reside/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/adhere/capture/restrain/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/(ape)/to spy/lie in ambush/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/entirely/without exception/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/gangrene/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/colt/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/to mend (china) with staples/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/to bring up/to rear/Ju (a surname)/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/(hemp)/(surname)/sack cloth/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/sickness of hand/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/Zelkowa acuminata/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/ornamental gems for belt/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/hesitate/mark time/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/(fish hawk)/osprey/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/garment/ Ver traducci贸n
ju1/mend chinaware with staples/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷樻崟 ju1 bu3/arrest/ Ver traducci贸n
闉犺含 ju1 gong1/to bow/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷樼 ju1 jin1/constraint/restrain/ Ver traducci贸n
閿紑 ju1 kai1/saw/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷樼暀 ju1 liu2/detain (prisoner)/keep (someone) in custody/ Ver traducci贸n
灞呮皯 ju1 min2/resident/inhabitant/ Ver traducci贸n
灞呯劧 ju1 ran2/unexpectedly/to one's surprise/go so far as to/ Ver traducci贸n
灞呭 ju1 shi4/(n) room; apartment; flat/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷樻潫 ju1 shu4/(adj) uncomfortable; ill at ease; reticent/(v) restrict; limit/ Ver traducci贸n
灞呮墍 ju1 suo3/residence/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷樻娂 ju1 ya1/(arrest and) take into custody/ Ver traducci贸n
灞呬綇 ju1 zhu4/reside/be a resident (of)/ Ver traducci贸n
灞呬綇鏂 ju1 zhu4 yu2/inhabit/ Ver traducci贸n
灞呬綇鑰 ju1 zhu4 zhe5/inhabitant/ Ver traducci贸n
ju2/(a measure word used for games) set or round office/situation/office/ Ver traducci贸n
ju2/narrow/ Ver traducci贸n
ju2/tangerine/ Ver traducci贸n
ju2/chrysanthemum/ Ver traducci贸n
ju2/tangerine/ Ver traducci贸n
ju2/curium/ Ver traducci贸n
灞閮 ju2 bu4/part/ Ver traducci贸n
鑿婅姳 ju2 hua1/(n) chrysanthemum/ Ver traducci贸n
灞闈 ju2 mian4/aspect/phase/situation/ Ver traducci贸n
灞鍔 ju2 shi4/situation/state (of affairs)/ Ver traducci贸n
灞闄 ju2 xian4/(v) limit the movement or confine sth/ Ver traducci贸n
灞闄愭 ju2 xian4 xing4/limitations/ Ver traducci贸n
灞闀 ju2 zhang3/the chief of a bureau/ Ver traducci贸n
妗斿瓙 ju2 zi5/tangerine/orange/ Ver traducci贸n
姗樺瓙 ju2 zi5/orange/ Ver traducci贸n
妗斿瓙姘 ju2 zi5 shui3/orange juice/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/chew/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/destroy/to stop/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/Citrus medica/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/carpenter's square/rule/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/(fibrous plant)/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/to lift/to hold up/to cite/to enumerate/to act/to raise/to choose/to elect/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/irregular/uneven teeth/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/Salix multinervis/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/hunchbacked/walk alone/ Ver traducci贸n
ju3/Zeikowa acuminata/ Ver traducci贸n
涓惧姙 ju3 ban4/to conduct/to hold/ Ver traducci贸n
涓惧姩 ju3 dong4/act/(make) a move/ Ver traducci贸n
鍜鍤 ju3 jue2/chew/ Ver traducci贸n
涓句緥 ju3 li4/to give an example/ Ver traducci贸n
涓句緥鏉ヨ ju3 li4 lai2 shuo1/for example/ Ver traducci贸n
姒夋湪 ju3 mu4/beech/ Ver traducci贸n
涓捐捣 ju3 qi3/heave/lift/uphold/ Ver traducci贸n
娌抚 ju3 sang4/dispirited/dejected/be dismayed/ Ver traducci贸n
涓句笘闂诲悕 ju3 shi4 wen2 ming2/(saying) world famous/ Ver traducci贸n
涓句笘鐬╃洰 ju3 shi4 zhu3 mu4/attract worldwide attention/ Ver traducci贸n
涓捐 ju3 xing2/to hold (a meeting, ceremony, etc.)/ Ver traducci贸n
涓鹃噸 ju3 zhong4/(the sport of) weightlifting/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/(a measure word, for sentences or lines of verse)/sentence/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/very large/huge/tremendous/gigantic/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/tool/device/utensil/equipment/instrument/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/to resist/to repel/to refuse/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/torch/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/(lettuce)/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/stubborn/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/a social club/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/at a distance of/distance/to be apart/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/great/hard iron/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/form gathering/gather/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/drama/play/show/severe/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/be based upon/squat/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/according to/act in accordance with/seize/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/a saw/to saw/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/sandals/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/hurry/fast/suddenly/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/hurricane/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/startled/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/to fear/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/act in accordance with/seize/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/how (interj. of surprise)/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/poor/rustic/ Ver traducci贸n
ju4/contribute to a feast/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹姤瀵 ju4 bao4 dao3/according to (news) reports/ Ver traducci贸n
鍏峰 ju4 bei4/possess/have/be equipped with/be able to fulfill (conditions or requirements)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍓ф湰 ju4 ben3/(n) play, opera, or movie script/ Ver traducci贸n
鑱氬彉 ju4 bian4/(nuclear) fusion/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄦ摌 ju4 bo4/thumb/authority (knowledgeable person)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍓у満 ju4 chang3/theater/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄥぇ ju4 da4/huge/immense/very large/tremendous/gigantic/enormous/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄥぇ鍘嬪姏 ju4 da4 ya1 li4/enormous pressure/tremendous pressure/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹偣 ju4 dian3/(n) military strongpoint/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄩ ju4 e2/a huge sum (of money)/large amount/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙ュ彿 ju4 hao4/period/ Ver traducci贸n
鑱氫細 ju4 hui4/(v) meet; gather/(n) meeting; gathering/ Ver traducci贸n
鑱氶泦 ju4 ji2/assemble/gather/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄥ尃 ju4 jiang4/master craftsman/ Ver traducci贸n
鑱氱簿浼氱 ju4 jing1 hui4 shen2/concentrate one's attention/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷掔粷 ju4 jue2/to refuse/to decline/to reject/ Ver traducci贸n
淇变箰閮 ju4 le4 bu4/club (i.e. a group or organization)/ Ver traducci贸n
璺濈 ju4 li2/distance/to be apart/ Ver traducci贸n
鍓х儓 ju4 lie4/violent/acute/severe/fierce/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄦ祦 ju4 liu2/strong current/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄨ疆 ju4 lun2/large ship/large wheel/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄤ汉 ju4 ren2/giant/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹 ju4 shuo1/it is said that/reportedly/ Ver traducci贸n
鍏蜂綋 ju4 ti3/concrete/definite/specific/ Ver traducci贸n
鍏蜂綋璁″垝 ju4 ti3 ji4 hua4/a concrete plan/a definite plan/ Ver traducci贸n
鍏蜂綋闂 ju4 ti3 wen4 ti2/concrete issue/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹粺璁 ju4 tong3 ji4/according to statistics/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄥご ju4 tou2/tycoon/magnet/ Ver traducci贸n
鍓у洟 ju4 tuan2/(n) theatrical troupe/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹椈 ju4 wen2/accounts/one's understanding/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹倝 ju4 xi1/according to reports/it is reported (that)/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄧ粏 ju4 xi4/big and small/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄦ槦 ju4 xing1/giant star/ Ver traducci贸n
鍏锋湁 ju4 you3/have/possess/ Ver traducci贸n
鍏锋湁涓绘潈 ju4 you3 zhu3 quan2/sovereign/ Ver traducci贸n
鍓ч櫌 ju4 yuan4/theater/ Ver traducci贸n
宸ㄧ潃 ju4 zhu4/monumental (literary) work/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙ュ瓙 ju4 zi5/sentence/ Ver traducci贸n
juan1/beautiful/graceful/ Ver traducci贸n
juan1/to contribute/to donate/tax/to abandon/ Ver traducci贸n
juan1/(surname)/brook/to select/ Ver traducci贸n
juan1/to confine/enclose/ Ver traducci贸n
juan1/cuckoo/ Ver traducci贸n
juan1/degrade/engrave (wood or stone)/ Ver traducci贸n
juan1/bright/glow-worm/remit taxes/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹愭 juan1 kuan3/donate money/contribute funds/ Ver traducci贸n
鍦堝 juan1 tao4/trap/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹愮尞 juan1 xian4/to donate/to contribute/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹愯禒 juan1 zeng4/to donate/to give (away)/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹愯禒鑰 juan1 zeng4 zhe3/donor/contributor/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗疯酱 juan1 zhou4/scroll/ Ver traducci贸n
鎹愬姪 juan1 zhu4/offer/contribution/donation/ Ver traducci贸n
juan3/to roll (up)/to sweep up/to carry on/ Ver traducci贸n
juan3/coil/to roll/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗峰甫 juan3 dai4/tape/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗锋洸 juan3 qu3/curl/curly/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗峰叆 juan3 ru4/to draw into/to involve/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗疯酱 juan3 zhou4/reel/ Ver traducci贸n
juan4/chapter/examination paper/ Ver traducci贸n
juan4/tired/ Ver traducci贸n
juan4/timid/cautious/ Ver traducci贸n
juan4/pen (pig)/a fold/ Ver traducci贸n
juan4/concern/wife and children/ Ver traducci贸n
juan4/thick but loosely woven silk/ Ver traducci贸n
juan4/name of a district in Shandong/ Ver traducci贸n
jue1/sigh/ Ver traducci贸n
jue1/pout/ Ver traducci贸n
jue1/break off/stick up (as a tail)/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/larvae of mosquito/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/dig/pick/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/breach (a dyke)/to decide/to determine/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/Chinese musical note/angle/horn/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/gems mounted together/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/crabby/tough/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/towering as a peak/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/dig/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/farewell/secrets (of an art)/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/his/its/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/cut short/extinct/to disappear/to vanish/absolutely/by no means/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/role/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/chisel/engrave/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/unruly/rude/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/loud laughter/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/Pteridium aquilinum/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/nobility/(ancient wine holder with 3 legs and loop handle)/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/deceitful/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/stumble/trample/to kick (as a horse)/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/to chew/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/feel/find that/thinking/awake/aware/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/seize (bird or animal)/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/dissatisfied/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/a peg/low post/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/(surname)/glance fearfully/ Ver traducci贸n
jue2/torch/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐充笉 jue2 bu4/not at all/simply (can) not/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐崇瓥 jue2 ce4/(make a) strategic decision/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙夊療 jue2 cha2/(v) perceive; sense; discover/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙夊緱 jue2 de5/to think/to feel/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐冲畾 jue2 ding4/to decide (to do something)/to determine/to resolve/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐冲畾鎬 jue2 ding4 xing4/decisive/conclusive/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐虫枟 jue2 dou4/duel/ Ver traducci贸n
缁濆 jue2 dui4/absolute/absolutely/ Ver traducci贸n
缁濆鏁板瓧 jue2 dui4 shu4 zi4/absolute (as opposed to relative) number/ Ver traducci贸n
缁濇妧 jue2 ji4/stunt/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐冲彛 jue2 kou3/be breached/burst/ Ver traducci贸n
钑ㄧ被 jue2 lei4/fern/ Ver traducci贸n
缁濆 jue2 miao4/exquisite/ Ver traducci贸n
缁濇皵 jue2 qi4/expire/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐宠禌 jue2 sai4/finals (of a competition)/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙掕壊 jue2 se4/role/ Ver traducci贸n
鐖靛+ jue2 shi4/knight/Sir/ Ver traducci贸n
鐖靛+鑸 jue2 shi4 wu3/jazz/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐崇畻 jue2 suan4/(v) make the final calculations on a bill/(n) final account/ Ver traducci贸n
缁濇湜 jue2 wang4/desperation/forlorn/hopeless/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙夋偀 jue2 wu4/consciousness/awareness/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐冲績 jue2 xin1/determination/resolution/determined/firm and resolute/to make up one's mind/ Ver traducci贸n
瑙夐啋 jue2 xing3/(v) realize; dawn upon; become aware of some sort of cheating/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐宠 jue2 yi4/resolution/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐宠妗 jue2 yi4 an4/(pass a) resolution/ Ver traducci贸n
缁濈紭 jue2 yuan2/(v) insulate (electrically)/(v) isolate from/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐虫垬 jue2 zhan4/(n) an all decisive battle/ Ver traducci贸n
 /monarch/lord/gentleman/ruler/ Ver traducci贸n
 /equal/even/all/uniform/ Ver traducci贸n
 /army/military/arms/ Ver traducci贸n
 /germ/bacteria/ Ver traducci贸n
 /30 catties/great/your (hon.)/ Ver traducci贸n
 /to chap/ Ver traducci贸n
 /hornless deer/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涘 jun1 bei4/(military) arms/armaments/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涢槦 jun1 dui4/army troops/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涢榾 jun1 fa2/(n) warlord/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涙柟 jun1 fang1/military/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涜垂 jun1 fei4/military expenditure/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涜垂寮鏀 jun1 fei4 kai1 zhi1/military spending/ Ver traducci贸n
鍧囧垎 jun1 fen1/split/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涙腐 jun1 gang3/naval port/naval base/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涘畼 jun1 guan1/(military) officer/ Ver traducci贸n
鍧囪  jun1 heng2/equal/balanced/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涚伀 jun1 huo3/arms/weapons (industry)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涜埌 jun1 jian4/warship/military naval vessel/ Ver traducci贸n
鑿岀被 jun1 lei4/fungus/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涘尯 jun1 qu1/a military region/a geographical area of command/ Ver traducci贸n
鍚涙潈 jun1 quan2/monarchial power/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗汉 jun1 ren2/serviceman/soldier/military personnel/ Ver traducci贸n
鍧囧娍 jun1 shi4/balance of power/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涘+ jun1 shi4/sergeant/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗簨 jun1 shi4/military affairs/military matters/military/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗簨閮ㄩ棬 jun1 shi4 bu4 men2/military branch/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗簨鏈烘瀯 jun1 shi4 ji1 gou4/military institution/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗簨绉戝 jun1 shi4 ke1 xue2/military science/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗簨鍔涢噺 jun1 shi4 li4 liang5/military strength/military force(s)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗簨瀹炲姏 jun1 shi4 shi2 li4/military strength/military power/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗簨濞佽儊 jun1 shi4 wei1 xie2/military threat/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涗簨鎻村姪 jun1 shi4 yuan2 zhu4/military aid/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涘洟 jun1 tuan2/corps/legion/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涘 jun1 wei3/Military Commission of the Communist Party Central Committee/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涙牎 jun1 xiao4/military school/military academy/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涘尰 jun1 yi1/(n) military doctor/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涚敤 jun1 yong4/(for) military (use)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍧囧寑 jun1 yun2/even/well-distributed/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涙斂 jun1 zheng4/army and government/ Ver traducci贸n
鍚涗富 jun1 zhu3/monarch/sovereign/ Ver traducci贸n
鍚涗富鏀挎不 jun1 zhu3 zheng4 zhi4/monarchy/ Ver traducci贸n
鍐涜 jun1 zhuang1/(n) military uniform/ Ver traducci贸n
鍚涘瓙 jun1 zi5/nobleman/person of noble character/ Ver traducci贸n
 /eminent/handsome/talented/ Ver traducci贸n
 /steep/ Ver traducci贸n
 /deepen/enlighten/profound/ Ver traducci贸n
 /canton/county/region/ Ver traducci贸n
 /complete/finish/ Ver traducci贸n
 /bacteria/mold/mushroom/ Ver traducci贸n
 /eminent/talented/ Ver traducci贸n
 /spirited horse/ Ver traducci贸n
 /gather/to sort/ Ver traducci贸n
楠忛┈ jun4 ma3/steed/ Ver traducci贸n
閮℃不瀹夊畼 jun4 zhi4 an1 guan1/sheriff/ Ver traducci贸n
ka1/coffee/ Ver traducci贸n
ka1/(onomat.)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍜栧暋 ka1 fei1/coffee/ Ver traducci贸n
鍜栧暋搴 ka1 fei1 dian4/cafe/ Ver traducci贸n
鍜栧暋棣 ka1 fei1 guan3/cafe/coffee shop/ Ver traducci贸n
ka3/to check/to stop/to block/card/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗¤溅 ka3 che1/truck/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗℃媺OK ka3 la1/karaoke (singing to recorded instrumental accompaniment)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗℃媺濂 ka3 la1 qi2/Karachi (Pakistan)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗$撼缁存媺灏旇 ka3 na4 wei2 la1 er3 jiao3/Cape Canaveral/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗$墖 ka3 pian4/card/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗″灏 ka3 ta3 er3/Qatar/ Ver traducci贸n
鍗¤タ灏 ka3 xi1 ni2/Cassini (proper name)/ Ver traducci贸n
kai1/wipe/ Ver traducci贸n
kai1/open/operate (vehicle)/start/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍔 kai1 ban4/open/start (a business, etc.)/set up/ Ver traducci贸n
寮閲 kai1 cai3/(v) extract ore or some other natural resource from a mine/ Ver traducci贸n
寮杞 kai1 che1/to drive a car/ Ver traducci贸n
寮杞︿汉 kai1 che1 ren2/driver/person driving a vehicle/ Ver traducci贸n
寮闄 kai1 chu2/to expel/ Ver traducci贸n
寮闄ゅ绫 kai1 chu2 xue2 ji2/to expel from school/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍒 kai1 chuang4/initiate/begin/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍒 kai1 dao1/to perform or have an operation/to operate on or to be operated on/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍔 kai1 dong4/start/set in motion/move/march/ Ver traducci贸n
寮绔 kai1 duan1/start/beginning/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍙 kai1 fa1/exploit (a resource)/open up (for development)/to develop/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍙戣繃绋 kai1 fa1 guo4 cheng2/development process/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍙戠幆澧 kai1 fa1 huan2 jing4/development environment (computer)/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍙戝尯 kai1 fa1 qu1/development zone/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍙戜汉鍛 kai1 fa1 ren2 yuan2/developer/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍙戝懆鏈 kai1 fa1 zhou1 qi1/development cycle/development period/ Ver traducci贸n
寮楗 kai1 fan4/serve a meal/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏀 kai1 fang4/lift (restrictions)/open/to lift a ban/to make open to the public/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏀惧紡缃戠粶 kai1 fang4 shi4 wang3 luo4/open network/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏀惧紡绯荤粺 kai1 fang4 shi4 xi4 tong3/open system(s)/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏀剧郴缁 kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3/open system/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏀剧郴缁熶簰杩 kai1 fang4 xi4 tong3 hu4 lian2/open systems interconnection/OSI/ Ver traducci贸n
寮宸 kai1 gong1/(v) begin factory operations; start a construction job/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍏 kai1 guan1/power switch/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍥藉厓鍕 kai1 guo2 yuan2 xun1/founding fathers (of a country)/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍖 kai1 hua4/(v) have laws and culture; be civilized/ Ver traducci贸n
寮浼 kai1 hui4/have a meeting/be at a meeting/to hold or attend a meeting/ Ver traducci贸n
寮浼氱绁 kai1 hui4 qi2 dao3/invocation/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鐏 kai1 huo3/to open fire/ Ver traducci贸n
寮璇 kai1 ke4/school begins/give a course/teach a subject/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍨 kai1 ken3/(v) put under the plough; clear a wild area for cultivation/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍙 kai1 kou3/open one's mouth/start to talk/ Ver traducci贸n
寮闃 kai1 kuo4/wide/open (of spaces)/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏈 kai1 lang3/(adj) well lit; suddenly become bright and clear/(adj) carefree; without worry/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鍒 kai1 lie4/(make a) list/ Ver traducci贸n
寮闂 kai1 men2/open (the) door/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏄 kai1 ming2/enlightened/open-minded/enlightenment/ Ver traducci贸n
寮骞 kai1 mu4/to open (a conference, e.g.)/to inaugurate/ Ver traducci贸n
寮骞曞紡 kai1 mu4 shi4/opening ceremony/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鎷 kai1 pai1/begin shooting (a film)/ Ver traducci贸n
寮杈 kai1 pi4/open up/start/ Ver traducci贸n
寮杈 kai1 pi4/(v) open the flow of some stream; start/(v) build a road/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏅暒 kai1 pu3 dun1/Cape Town (city in South Africa)/ Ver traducci贸n
寮璁 kai1 she4/offer (goods or services)/open (for business, etc.)/ Ver traducci贸n
寮濮 kai1 shi3/begin/beginning/start/initial/ Ver traducci贸n
寮濮嬩互鍓 kai1 shi3 yi3 qian2/before the beginning (of sth)/ Ver traducci贸n
寮姘 kai1 shui3/boiled water/boiling water/ Ver traducci贸n
寮閿 kai1 suo3/unlock/ Ver traducci贸n
寮澶╄緹鍦 kai1 tian1 pi4 di4/(saying) when heaven and earth were split apart in the creation; the beginning of the world/ Ver traducci贸n
寮搴 kai1 ting2/begin a (judicial) court session/ Ver traducci贸n
寮澶 kai1 tou2/beginning/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鎷 kai1 tuo4/(v) bring forth or open up/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鎷撹 kai1 tuo4 zhe3/pioneer/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鐜╃瑧 kai1 wan2 xiao4/to play a joke/to make fun of/to joke/ Ver traducci贸n
寮蹇 kai1 xin1/to feel happy/to have a great time/to make fun of somebody/ Ver traducci贸n
寮蹇冩灉 kai1 xin1 guo3/pistachio nuts/ Ver traducci贸n
寮瀛 kai1 xue2/school opens/new term begins/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鐪 kai1 yan3/(v) begin a performance or movie/ Ver traducci贸n
寮婕 kai1 yan3/(of a play, movie, etc.) to begin/ Ver traducci贸n
寮澶滆溅 kai1 ye4 che1/burn the midnight oil/work late into the night/ Ver traducci贸n
寮灞 kai1 zhan3/(begin to) develop/unfold/to start/to launch/to open/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鎴 kai1 zhan4/start a war/ Ver traducci贸n
寮鏀 kai1 zhi1/expenditures/pay/expenses/ Ver traducci贸n
kai3/triumphant/victorious/ Ver traducci贸n
kai3/carefully/moderately/ Ver traducci贸n
kai3/generous/sad/ Ver traducci贸n
kai3/joyful/kind/ Ver traducci贸n
kai3/norm/model/(writing)/ Ver traducci贸n
kai3/dry terrain/ Ver traducci贸n
kai3/high quality iron/ Ver traducci贸n
kai3/armor/ Ver traducci贸n
鍑棆 kai3 xuan2/return triumphant/ Ver traducci贸n
kai4/anger/ Ver traducci贸n
kan1/to print/publish/ Ver traducci贸n
kan1/to look after/to take care of/to watch/to guard/ Ver traducci贸n
kan1/to investigate/to survey/to collate/ Ver traducci贸n
kan1/endure/ Ver traducci贸n
kan1/kill/suppress/ Ver traducci贸n
kan1/niche/shrine/ Ver traducci贸n
鍕樻祴 kan1 ce4/to investigate/to survey/ Ver traducci贸n
鍕樺療 kan1 cha2/reconnaissance/ Ver traducci贸n
鍒婄櫥 kan1 deng1/carry a story/publish (in a newspaper or magazine)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍕樻帰 kan1 tan4/exploration/ Ver traducci贸n
鍒婄墿 kan1 wu4/publication/ Ver traducci贸n
鍕樿 kan1 wu4/to correct printing errors/ Ver traducci贸n
kan3/pit/threshold/ Ver traducci贸n
kan3/bold/ Ver traducci贸n
kan3/to chop/ Ver traducci贸n
kan3/door sill/threshold/ Ver traducci贸n
kan3/camphane/ Ver traducci贸n
鐮嶄紣 kan3 fa2/hew/ Ver traducci贸n
kan4/it depends/think/to see/to look at/ Ver traducci贸n
kan4/bird's-eye view/glance/ Ver traducci贸n
kan4/(surname)/peep/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬬梾 kan4 bing4/see a doctor/see a patient/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬩笉瑙 kan4 bu2 jian4/unseen/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬩笉璧 kan4 bu5 qi3/look down upon/despise/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬪緟 kan4 dai4/look upon/regard/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬪埌 kan4 dao4/see (that)/note/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬪緱瑙 kan4 de2 jian4/visible/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬫硶 kan4 fa3/way of looking at a thing/view/opinion/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬭 kan4 jian4/to see/to catch sight of/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬫潵 kan4 lai5/apparently/it seems that/it appears/it seems/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬭捣鏉 kan4 qi3 lai2/(idiom) looks as if (based on what is known so far)/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬩笂鍘 kan4 shang5 qu5/it would appear/it seems (that)/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬪畧鑰 kan4 shou3 zhe3/watchman/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬫湜 kan4 wang4/(v) visit; pay a call to/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬫牱瀛 kan4 yang4 zi5/it seems/it looks as if/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬩綔 kan4 zuo4/look upon as/regard as/ Ver traducci贸n
鐪嬪仛 kan4 zuo4/regard as/look upon as/ Ver traducci贸n
kang1/peaceful/spongy (of radishes)/ Ver traducci贸n
kang1/generous/magnanimous/ Ver traducci贸n
kang1/husk/ Ver traducci贸n
鎱锋叏 kang1 kai3/vehement/fervent/generous/giving/liberal/ Ver traducci贸n
搴峰灏斿ぇ瀛 kang1 nai4 er3 da4 xue2/Cornell University/ Ver traducci贸n
搴锋秴鐙勬牸 kang1 nie4 di2 ge2/Connecticut (state in US)/ Ver traducci贸n
kang2/carry on one's shoulder/ Ver traducci贸n
kang4/overbearing/ Ver traducci贸n
kang4/husband/wife/ Ver traducci贸n
kang4/to resist/to fight/to defy/ Ver traducci贸n
kang4/kang (a heatable brick bed)/ Ver traducci贸n
kang4/scandium/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶楁棻 kang4 han4/(v) weather a drought/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶楄  kang4 heng2/contend against/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶楀嚮 kang4 ji1/resist (a military attack)/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶楁棩鎴樹簤 kang4 ri4 zhan4 zheng1/(China's) War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945)/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶椾綋 kang4 ti3/antibody/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶楄 kang4 yi4/protest/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶楄鑰 kang4 yi4 zhe3/protester/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶楁垬 kang4 zhan4/war of resistance, especially the war against Japan (1937-1945)/ Ver traducci贸n
鎶椾簤 kang4 zheng1/make a stand and fight (against)/ Ver traducci贸n
kao1/end of spine/ Ver traducci贸n
kao3/to check/to verify/to test/to examine/ Ver traducci贸n
kao3/to beat/to flog/to examine by torture/ Ver traducci贸n
kao3/to roast/bake/to broil/ Ver traducci贸n
kao3/mangrove/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷疯礉 kao3 bei4/to copy/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冩煡 kao3 cha2/investigate/study/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冨療 kao3 cha2/inspect/make an on-the-spot investigation/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷锋墦 kao3 da3/to beat/to flog/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冨彜 kao3 gu3/(n) archeology/(v) do archeology/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冩牳 kao3 he2/(v) examine; check up on/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷疯姳 kao3 hua1/to emboss/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冩嵁 kao3 ju4/textual criticism/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冮噺 kao3 liang2/consider/consideration/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冭檻 kao3 lu:4/to think over/to consider/consideration/ Ver traducci贸n
鐑ら潰鍖 kao3 mian4 bao1/toast/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冨彇 kao3 qu3/(v) pass an entrance test/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冭瘯 kao3 shi4/exam/ Ver traducci贸n
鎷烽棶 kao3 wen4/to question via torture/ Ver traducci贸n
鐑ら腑 kao3 ya1/roast duck/ Ver traducci贸n
鑰冮獙 kao3 yan4/(put to the) test/ Ver traducci贸n
kao4/give a bonus to/ Ver traducci贸n
kao4/depend upon/lean on/near/by/against/to support/ Ver traducci贸n
闈犺儗妞 kao4 bei4 yi3/armchair/ Ver traducci贸n
闈犺繎 kao4 jin4/near/approach/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/(surname)/handle of axe/stem/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/branch of medicine/subject/division/field/branch/family/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/severe/exacting/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/M for plants/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/given name of Mencius/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/(wheat)/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/nest/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/to tap/knock/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/tadpole/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/(measure word for small spheres)/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/condyles/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/jade-like stone/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/columbium/ Ver traducci贸n
ke1/chin/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戞仼 ke1 en1/Cohen (U.S. defense secretary)/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戝皵 ke1 er3/(Helmut) Kohl (German chancellor)/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戞妧 ke1 ji4/science and technology/ Ver traducci贸n
棰楃矑 ke1 li4/kernel/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戦殕 ke1 long2/Cologne, Germany or Colon, Panama/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戠綏鎷夊 ke1 luo2 la1 duo1/Colorado/ Ver traducci贸n
鏌瘑 ke1 mi4/Kermit (communications protocol)/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戠洰 ke1 mu4/subject/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戞櫘 ke1 pu3/popular(ization of) science/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戝▉鐗 ke1 wei1 te4/Kuwait/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戠郴 ke1 xi4/department/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戝 ke1 xue2/science/scientific knowledge/scientific/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戝缂栬緫 ke1 xue2 bian1 ji2/science editor (of a publication)/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戝鐨勪氦娴 ke1 xue2 de5 jiao1 liu2/scientific exchange/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戝瀹 ke1 xue2 jia1/scientist/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戝闄 ke1 xue2 yuan4/academy of sciences/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戠爺 ke1 yan2/(scientific) research/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戠爺浜哄憳 ke1 yan2 ren2 yuan2/(scientific) researcher/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戠爺鏍锋満 ke1 yan2 yang4 ji1/research prototype/ Ver traducci贸n
绉戦暱 ke1 zhang3/section chief/ Ver traducci贸n
ke2/cough/ Ver traducci贸n
ke2/shell/ Ver traducci贸n
ke2/chin/ Ver traducci贸n
鍜冲椊 ke2 sou5/to cough/ Ver traducci贸n
ke3/can/may/able to/certain(ly)/to suit/(particle used for emphasis)/ Ver traducci贸n
ke3/uneven (path)/unfortunate (in life)/ Ver traducci贸n
ke3/thirsty/ Ver traducci贸n
ke3/name of a mountain/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙搥 ke3 ai1/miserably/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙埍 ke3 ai4/amiable/cute/lovely/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙偛 ke3 bei1/lamentable/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙瘮 ke3 bi3/comparable/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙笉鏄 ke3 bu5 shi4/that's just the way it is/exactly/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙摝鍐 ke3 ca1 xie3/erasable/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙摝鍐欏彲缂栫▼鍙瀛樺偍鍣 ke3 ca1 xie3 ke3 bian1 cheng2 zhi1 du2 cun2 chu3 qi4/EPROM/Erasable programmable read-only memory/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙緱鍒 ke3 de2 dao4/available/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙姩 ke3 dong4/movable/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙瓕鍙常 ke3 ge1 ke3 qi4/(saying) makes one happy and sad; emotionally moving/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙 ke3 guan1/considerable/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙吹 ke3 gui4/(adj) worthy of praise; commendable/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙仺 ke3 hen4/hateful/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙 ke3 jian4/it can clearly be seen (that this is the case)/it is (thus) clear/clear/visible/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙儕 ke3 jing1/astonishing/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙暚 ke3 jing4/venerable/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙潬 ke3 kao4/reliable/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙彲 ke3 ke3/cocoa/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙彛 ke3 kou3/tasty/to taste good/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙墿灞曟爣璁拌瑷 ke3 kuo4 zhan3 biao1 ji4 yu3 yan2/extend markup language (XML)/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙 ke3 lian2/pitiful/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙兘 ke3 neng2/might (happen)/possible/probable/possibility/probability/ Ver traducci贸n
鍙兘鎬 ke3 neng2 xing4/possibility/probability/ Ver traducci贸n